New Zealand

Chris Naidoo Sensei

Chris Naidoo Sensei was born in Durban, South Africa and began studying karate in 1996 at a JKA (Japan Karate Association) dojo in Durban, South Africa.
In 2006 he immigrated to New Zealand and started training at a Funakoshi Ryu dojo in Auckland. In December 2010 Chris Sensei obtained his 1st Dan Black Belt.

In February 2013 he opened his own dojo with two venues and began teaching in Auckland, New Zealand. In July 2013 he was graded to 2nd Dan by the founder of Funakoshi Ryu Shihan Edward Ward. Chris Sensei was then awarded his certificate at a Funakoshi Karate International Gasshuku (Special Training) in Australia. At this Gasshuku he was appointed as the Chief Instructor for Funakoshi Karate International New Zealand.

In April 2016, he was graded to 3rd Dan at the Funakoshi Karate International's 50th Anniversary Celebrations in Cape Town, South Africa.

Chris Naidoo Sensei does regular training sessions with Marius Bouwer Sensei from Funakoshi Karate International Germany via Skype for ongoing development and changes.






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