New Zealand

Funakoshi Karate International Syllabus
Dai Hanshi E. J. Ward

Start (Shisome) your journey with the first step .
Look into your soul as in a mirror (Kagami) and realize who you are.
Now, you start to feel the harmony (Enkatsu) that surrounds you.
Through hard training, you develop your maximum physical and mental strength (Kyouko).
Evolving now a true and strong spirit (Kigai) on the journey along the Karate-do.

A Syllabus is the distillation of timeless wisdom in lessons and principles of combat. Each Kata arms you with practical knowledge and give you endless options and advantages in combat, designed with a strategy to deal with attacks that you will frequently encounter. Kata must be absorbed through thought and practice, allowing it to become part of your mental and physical arsenal. Although striving to survive without fighting, kata strategies make you aware of what the attacker may be up to. Self-directed conflict ( to prepare your mind for combat ), offensive and defensive techniques, and unconventional combat are all taught through Kata. Ideas and knowledge must be in balance with actual experience.
Your syllabus is practical knowledge in the highest form, inspiring you with ideas that require a different way of thinking and approach to life. The student must translate this knowledge into action, a life long challenge.


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